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Our quality ingredients ensure the best possible food available for your friends and family. The Bombay Club prices are very reasonable and our delivery is reliable. The Bombay Club success looks to continue for years to come.

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325 Hartshill Road
Stoke-on-Trent, ST47NR

The Bombay Club's Most Popular Items


marinated in yoghurt and a blend of special mild spices, barbecued over charcoal


minced lamb blended with spices and onions skewered and perfectly barbecued over charcoal


tandoori chicken, lamb, chicken tikka and seekh kebab, plain naan, salad and mint sauce



a classic favourite made even better with chef's special masala sauce


cooked with garlic, wedges of onions, tomatoes and peppers to chef's special karahi recipe

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113 reviews


  • First part of this delivery arrived 50mins before the second, on contacting the restaurant, the response was "its Saturday night" no apology to accept, food would have Ben enjoyable if it had arrived all at the same time and hot!


  • You might not get what you order because it appears to be a lucky dip with some items on the menu but the quality of the currys are lovely. We ordered one thing and they openly admit to randomly giving us something else no where near the same as what we ordered when I rang to query it. The replacement they sent should have been a fraction of the price but they swapped it without asking if its ok or deducting the difference (and we paid at the door, so no excuse for that one). In the end we paid for something we didn't want at all. Disappointed with our first experience unfortunately.


  • Tough meat and zero spice , naan was a joke


  • I otdred curry starter rice. But received no rice. Not good service


  • Delivered warm, in an open bag. Obviously if you don't close the bag the food will get cold... At least tie the bag closed guys.. come on.. Letting yourselves down.


  • I have ordered from the Bombay club many times but the quality is going down with each purchase. Todays order arrived without rice, with a soggy poppadom and the Danshak had little meat and no pineapple (which I love) and was not as spicy as usual - in fact a little bland. Maybe time to try another restuarant for my Friday night delivery? On the plus side it arrived bang on time.


  • ordered online, and they sent me an item wrong and replaced it with a cheaper item but didn't refund the difference, the food was not the best , only just warm, curry was very oily , naan not upto much, won't be using it again


  • The food is amazing but be prepared for an hour and half wait for delivery.


  • Absolutely fantastic as always! Consistent good quality and fantastic service.


  • Stunning food. Amazing value. Friendly service. Highly recommended


  • Excellent


  • Really disappointing!! The food was cold, half of the order was missing!! It took over an hour and 20mins to arrive. Rang up to complain and was told " we will give you extra next time". There wont be a next time.


  • 4 main dishes, 2 rices , 3 breads and 2 side dishes fed four of us for a little over £10.00 a head. All great quality, piping hot and delivered when required.


  • Hot in every sense of the word - PERFECT!! Arrived ahead of time, delivery by a smiling and polite delivery man.


  • After 45 minutes for delivery the main course was missing. Took 10 mins to get through on the phone and almost another half an hour for delivery of the barely lukewarm missing main course by which time all the accompanying dishes were stone cold and had to be reheated. It's a shame as I really enjoy eating in the restaurant but the takeaway is not up to the same high standards.